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African American Linguists (AAL)

Promoting World Languages in the African American Community

AAL is making the transition from an organization to a network and we’re using facebook as our members’ forum. Please find and like us at and tell your friends who might share in our mission to do the same. Also feel free to post related photos, announcements, links to papers/presentations or information about events on our page.

Founded in 2004 by Spanish professors Tamari Jenkins and Krishauna Hines-Gaither. Since then there have been up to 80 members/supporters and dozens of students have been awarded scholarships. In 2012 the founders made the decision to transition the organization to a network. Members/network friends can come together to gain information, share research and collaborate on projects. This facebook page will serve as a forum where African Americans who are working/studying in the field of foreign languages will feel less isolation and a part of community that shares in this mission.

Diversity/Alternative Instruction

Language Acquisition/Learning; Bilingualism

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African Diaspora

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Sheer Pleasure Reads

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